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Welcome to Gulf Coast Midwest Energy Partners

Gulf Coast Midwest Energy Partners, LLC is engaged in the acquisition and development of oil and gas properties, primarily onshore and in the United States. Gulf Coast and its investors work with the best independent operators in Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.

The Gulf Coast Midwest Advantage

Investing in the oil & gas industry can be highly rewarding financially. The biggest issues most investors face:

  • How do I find good opportunities with people I can trust?
  • How do I manage my financial risks?
  • How do I keep track of my investment once it's made?

Opportunities & Trust

Track Record - Gulf Coast's operators all have a proven record of success in oil and gas exploration, run cost effective operations and provide experienced, on site project management.

Skin in the Game - Gulf Coast and its operators invest in every project alongside Gulf Coast investors. In many cases, Gulf Coast and its operators represent more than 50% of the total capital invested in the project.

Risk Management

Project type - Gulf Coast invests in lower risk project classes.

Diversification - Gulf Coast's programs provide several layers of diversification for its investors.

  • Well level Risk - Maximum risk of loss per well is 3% of total capital invested.
  • Operator Level Risk - 8 to 10 operators employed with limited exposure to any single operator.
  • Project Level Risk - Diversified project locations.

Tracking - Gulf Coast Insiders

Our investors can participate in the oil and gas business as much as they like. Drilling reports, operator profiles, well photos, video and a host of additional data, documents and reports are available to our investors.

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